Order Processing

At US Vape Wholesale, we offer a simple, efficient ordering process, so you can receive your products as quickly as possible. Once you’ve submitted an order, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox that details your purchase in an itemized fashion. Once you receive your confirmation, you can expect that your credit card will be charged for the amount of your order, minus the cost shipping. Shipping will be calculated via the U.S. Postal Service based on your location in the continental United States, and this cost will be added to your purchase once it has been finalized. You should note that international shipping is exempted from this process, and as such, you can expect a different rate (please see our Shipping page for information in international shipping).

After your purchase has been confirmed and the shipping charges has been calculated, the final amount of your purchase must be authorized by you, the buyer, and we will then process your order for the full amount, with the shipping included. you will receive an email containing a tracking number, as well as a receipt. If you’re placing a large order, you’re in luck, as any purchase over $1,000 is eligible for free shipping from US Vape Wholesale.

All orders made through US Vape Wholesale will be processed within 1-3 days. You should note that all orders placed are for resale purposes only, and we do not do transactions with direct buyers. It is critical that you ensure you hold the correct state licensing for the sale of tobacco products and e-liquids, as US Vape Wholesale will not be responsible for any issues that arise should you not.

Should your merchandise arrive with defects, you can apply for warranty coverage from the manufacturer, and you will then be issued an exchange, or be credited back for the amount of your purchase. However, you should know that all ALL BATTERY AND CHARGER SALES ARE FINAL, and as such, manufacturer warranties will not apply to any of these items. At this time, US Vape Wholesale does not issue refunds or exchanges as we do not accept returns. Due to strict rules by the manufacturers of the products we sell, all sales made are final.

If you have any additional questions about how our order processing works, please feel free to contact us, and an expert service representative will happily address any concerns you may have.