About Us

US Vape Wholesale has introduced a revolutionary logistical solution for the vaporizer industry. As a wholesale provider of the best major brands in the business, we provide retailers and distributors in the United States with hard-to-beat competitive pricing and quick turnaround on order fulfilment.

Through the USVapeWholesale.com’s vast and advanced navigation catalog of the hottest vaporizer products, wholesale buyers receive the best pricing solutions for stocking their shelves with the most sought-after products on the market.  USVapeWholesale.com carries the best brands and makes of vape devices, e-liquids, tanks, kits, coils, chargers, batteries, and accessories.

All products are top of the line in original packaging fresh from the original manufacturer.

Our network of partners consist of distributors, retail chains, and small brick and mortar businesses who receive close personal attention with their order inquiries to go along with easy catalog searching and browsing navigation.  Any retailer or distributor can join and become eligible for special pricing by simply filling out the online application form containing your business information and applicable tobacco license numbers.  From there, your potential for growing your business through partnering with us is limitless.

US Vape Wholesale is founded on the idea that vape and smoke shops are in need of cost-effective options of the latest vape technology to offer their loyal customers.  Gone are the days of waiting to hear from a range of vape makers to replenish stock.  The expansive online US Vape Wholesale inventory has a who’s who list of manufacturers available in one place in a single order. Our wholesale pricing gives small businesses a leg up on the competition by providing a never-ending array of product selections that will give a return on investment.

Founder Asad Mohemed has developed his business’ model according to the common issues and needs of today’s vape and smoke shop owners in America.  He has a background and education in business administration he has long been a connoisseur and inside follower of the vaporizer industry.  As a close established partner with many vape businesses, he aims to make for a more efficient and prosperous industry.

Our mission at US Vape Wholesale is to see your business reach new heights by providing the best and latest in this hot and growing industry.  All of our selections are easily ordered right from our website, but we have a dedicated support staff available at all times to assist you in your order processing and fulfillment needs.  Call (213) 687-0786 or contact us directly at sales@usvapewholesale.com.